What You Should Know About Canada and VPN

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What should you know about Canada and VPN services? In Canada, you are not guaranteed access to any website you want, though this country does offer more freedom than some other countries. Ever since the late 1990s the Canadian government has been discussing ways to control, and if necessary, censor websites that have questionable content. Sites that have online pornography and hate speech were singled out, though sites that had “Canadian content” were also mentioned as worthy of concern. Nevertheless, a few years later the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) determined that it would not regulate new media services on the Internet.

Nevertheless, more on the issue has been reported in the 2000 era. In 2006, several of Canada’s top ISPs got together and announced a Project Cleanfeed Canada, which was a joint effort to block Canadian access to alleged child pornography sites. Technically, this was not a Canadian governmental action, but it was a business decision that merited the government’s approval, according to reports. While government doesn’t ban legal adult material, some service providers might, as Canadian laws are often organized by province and not the federal government. Canada VPN service allows for free surfing of the Internet, and this may comfort some, who may be unaware that ISPs record logs of surfing activity without VPN protection.

In 2011, another precedent was set with the issue of defamation, as the Supreme Court of Canada ruled that objectively linking to potentially defamatory material was classified as defamatory. While all of this does seem promising, there are new threats on the horizon. Certain Canadian government conservatives want to give police officers greater powers over eavesdropping on Canadian residents in cyberspace. This conservative side of the government also wants ISPs to cooperate on such snooping if requested.

Whether this new law goes into effect anytime soon remains to be seen. Nevertheless, though Canada does offer a measure of Internet freedom, remember that local laws always apply. A recent case of controversy was that of Ernst Zündel, who was investigated by the Canadian Human Rights Commission for questionable website content.

True, Canada VPN service won’t be as liberating as say, surfing the Internet while living in China. However, free surfing is not the only advantage to using a Canadian VPN. You can also benefit from such services if you live in or travel to Canada frequently, since you can access servers that are nearer to you for better surfing of Chinese, American and British sites. For more information talk to a VPN provider on this matter.

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