CyberGhost Review

  • over 60 servers in Europe and USA
  • OpenVPN(SSL), Proxy
  • indefinite free trial plan
  • IPad, IPhone, Android
  • Windows, Linux, Mac

CyberGhost Overview


CyberGhostVPN is a VPN provider that helps users protect their online identities. Advanced software can help hinder site operators from tracking down IP addresses, unblock censored websites, and change indentifying information (such as country, IP address and so on). The VPN service also offers secure transactions online so that you can confidently go about business without fear of hacking or monitoring. The Cyber Ghost software features anonymous registration, a separated payment process, and many flexible plans to ensure users are always protected. The logo of Cyber Ghost VPN is clever, as it is a ghostly figure with a thumbs up, and with the motto “Reboot the Internet.” The company claims to have one million customers.


There are four plans offered by CyberGhost. Free VPN, which is absolutely free for new users. Classic VPN, which costs 4.17 Euro, a Premium plan for 6.67 Euro, and a Premium Plus plan for 9.92 Euro. The free plan is for new users and for individuals who only want to use the service occasionally for surfing. The Classic plan is for users who want to download content on an infrequent basis. The Premium plan is for users who want regular access to downloading and streaming. The Premium Plus plan is for users who want to download or surf without any restraints. In addition to these prepaid monthly rates, users can also enjoy discounts by the three-month term, the six-month term and the twelve-month term. There is also a subscription fee for 5.99 Euro, which is the equivalent of a regular monthly contract. With longer terms, you can save more money; for example, the Classic plan only costs 49.99 Euros with a twelve-month contract, whereas the Premium Plus contract costs 118.99 Euros.

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There are over 60 servers available from CyberGhostVPN. Users can see which servers are online live at the company website. Most servers are from Europe- Sweden, France, Romania, Denmark, Spain, the UK, etc; and many servers from Germany. Though there are servers outside of Europe, the United States( 4 cities). There are not as many servers available when you use the free plan (in exchange for service, viewers view free advertisements). However, the Premium accounts allow access to more servers, which helps in creating better network connections. Once the number of users grows, more servers are added.


CyberGhost offers both OpenVPN(SSL) as well as Free Proxy. CyberGhost changes a user’s IP address and changes it so that it becomes a shared item with thousands of other users. This technology prevents website owners and hackers from being able to tell you apart from other surfers online at the same time. All content going out from your computer is encoded.

Customer Support

The company offers a support ticket system and email correspondence. However, there is no phone support, nor is there a live chat option. The company offers support at, as well as FAQ page and a forum where users can come together for solutions. The support team does offer service in both English and German.

Money Back

CyberGhost does not have a money back guarantee option in place, however, it does have an in-depth preview and one that is actually unlimited.


Traffic potential depends on the type of plan used. On the free plan, there is a limit of 1 GB of traffic and a bandwidth limit of 2 Mbps. Classic plan is offering a traffic flat rate L, which means a speed limited to a maximum of 512 kbit/s after 20 GB, For the Premium plan there is a larger traffic flat rate allowance. The Premium Plus plan offers unlimited traffic volume, while the speed is limited to 512 kbit/s after 80 GB for traffic flat rate. There is also “guaranteed availability” with all pay plans. The company states that its traffic is metered, so experienced users looking for unmetered, unmonitored options should pay attention to this point.


CyberGhost has a high connection speed, particularly for German users. Depending on your location, connectivity can be a slow or quick. CyberGhost is a good VPN service for surfing the web and streaming shows.

Supported Devices

Android, iPad and iPhone work with this VPN service. Supported applications include Firefox, Opera, and Internet Explore. Modern programs of today that are compatible with the system include MSN Messenger, Skype and ICQ.

Supported OS

Supported OS includes Linux, Mac OS, Windows 7 and Windows Vista, which are all the top operating systems in PC and mobile device usage today.

Free Trial

The company does not offer a free trial of its Premium plans. However, it does offer an indefinite free plan, which is supported by advertising. This plan is limited to one gig of traffic, limited availability, forced disconnection after six hours and limited bandwidth. The company hopes that this trial process will show users how the system works, and will perhaps lead to an upgraded service eventually.


CyberGhost accepts payment via check, wire-transfer, credit card, and PayPal. One distinct advantage is that the company offers both Shared IP (Dynamic), which is excellent for users hoping to find flexible options. Users can access practically any public source and enjoy a secure connection, whether using WI-FI, mobile edge or 3G. The system also removes scripts, objects and other privacy threats. The encryption is 128-bit AES or 256-bit, and IPs are hidden. The company has a healthy number of servers and does allow much of the flexibility and freedom that experienced webmasters need. The fact that most of the servers are in Germany may influence a user’s decision, since he or she may be in close proximity to a nearby city. All in all, CyberGhost does what it suggests and provides an anonymous and secure connection, keeping your Internet life completely private from the rest of the world.

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CyberGhost Customer Reviews (1)

On January 26, 2012 Abdul wrote:
Price 44444
Support 55555
Speed 55555
Reliability 55555

Nice software. Many servers in Germany and they work at a good speed. The application need some time to start but in generally is good. Good job!

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