How to Setup Nokia VPN

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The company Nokia makes smart phones, mobile phones and mobile computers. The Nokia series are quite popular because of their highly advanced features, which include touch screen interactivity, full keyboards, stereo speakers, voice commands and social networking features. They have also offered promotions such as free music for a year. Some of their most popular products include the Nokia 7710 and the 1100 handset, which went on to become the bestselling mobile phone in history. Other models include the N82 and the E71.

Nevertheless, as powerful as Nokia phones are, they are still susceptible to risks, because of 3G and WI-FI technologies that allow Internet access. How do you go about securing your new Nokia phone? The best way to do it is to invest in superior VPN technology. VPN features include IP masking, un-blocking banned sites and encrypting all data for a safe browsing and online sending experience. Here are 10 steps to setting up your Virtual Private Network on a Nokia phone.

Nokia phones will run either a Symbian OS or an IPSEC client. One popular client is SymVPN, a PPTP client that is easy to use.

Here’s how to approach the setup:

  1. Make sure that the account accepts PPTP connections.
  2. Go to the web application and look for the company name.
  3. On the homepage of the company look for where it lists product names.
  4. Find the system you want and follow further installation/setup directions.
  5. Sign up at the VPN company and record the username, password and server name.
  6. Register the license or fill out information for the free trial.
  7. Download the software as well as any additional software that may be out of date on your system direct from the VPN company. It is very important to restart the system after installing and un-installing software.
  8. Once you install the software and reboot you will be able to find a new icon with the company name on your Applications page.
  9. You may have to create a new VPN connection. If so, simply enter the server name, username and password you were provided upon signup.
  10. Activate the app and then anonymously and safely browse the Internet!

The installation process is easy, even though the technology itself can be complicated since Nokia phones have a slightly different approach to encryption. For further instructions and troubleshooting regarding Nokia VPN, contact customer support.

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June 20, 2012

Yes indeed, SymVPN is the best VPN software for Nokia phones. We are using SymVPN in our company for more than 60 phones, no problems what so ever. Fast, stable, reliable software.

August 27, 2012

i want to install vpn in my nokia e5

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