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  • servers in US/UK/NL and Singapore
  • PPTP and OpenVPN
  • 7 days unconditional money back
  • IPad, IPhone
  • Mac, Windows

proXPN Overview


ProXPN is based in San Francisco, California and is a new company offering advanced encryption and secure online access. The premium service uses 2,048-bit certificates. The downloadable software of the company can make all Internet connections safe; provide anonymous browsing, give protection from hackers or ID theft, and deliver further protection from online monitoring as only some of the benefits. ProXPN has won several awards from publications and organizations, mainly for its easy to use software.


The company is one of the few in the industry to offer both a free and premium plan. The company offers free service, though it can also be thought to be a free trial of a superior premium plan. The free plan from ProXPN is limited to 100 Kps connections, and also only works in the U.S. You will not be able to use PPTP. However, the premium plan restores all features and costs $9.95 for full access. You can pay a six month term and pay $49.95. The price for full access is also cheaper than most VPN providers. The basic service is the free service, which has only one server in Miami.


The premium ProXPN service offers servers only in four countries: the US, the UK, the Netherlands and Singapore. Most servers are located in major U.S. cities of Los Angeles, Miami, New York City, and Seattle. P2P and torrent restrictions are only offered on non-US servers. The company offers 99.99% uptime on their servers. The fact that most servers are US-based is appealing to users who do not live in America, since they can easily access websites that would otherwise be censored or monitored. No logs are kept on Internet activities.


The company offers PPTP and OpenVPN on their premium plan. This means that VPN services can secure virtually any type of Internet connection, from DSL to cable, to 3G. All access is private. With a premium plan both PPTP and OpenVPN servers are available. ProXPN also provides an IP address for servers located in the USA, UK and the Netherlands.

Customer Support

Customer support is only provided on the premium plan, not the basic plan. ProXPN provides a knowledge base for regular questions, and a technical support option that takes place through live chat. There is no telephone number provided, which may be problematic if you desire to speak to an actual person regarding complex features.

Money Back

The company’s premium plan comes with a seven day, unconditional money back guarantee. No explanation is needed, and a refund will be sent, provided it is requested within seven days of the order. However, in the event that a user uses the service for illegal or malicious purposes, no refund is given. The only case in which the refund is not unconditional is if the user cannot connect because of downtime. In this case, a partial refund will be sent based on the pro-rated time.


Traffic is unlimited by the company, and it is always encrypted (2,048 Bit), which means you can even unblock sites.


You might wonder about speed issues. Independent testing found that files were streamable and downloads were reliable. However, there were disruptions, so torrent downloading (though not prohibited) may be problematic. Testing revealed that fast moving sites like YouTube and Hulu were not stable, due to a slower than average connection resulting from encryption. Nonetheless, the speed is still at a reasonable level for the premium version. The good news is that the company does allow free switching, which is most often a fee-based feature for many other companies.

Supported Devices

ProXPN does support popular media players and mobile devices, such as the Android, iPad and iPhone. Any device that works with PPTP can work with this service, though it may require special installations.

Supported OS

The company offers some OS compatibility, mainly with Mac OS and with Windows systems, XP, Vista and Windows 7 (32 or 64 bit). Note that Linux is not supported on this service. Browsers supported by the system include Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome and Opera.

Free Trial

There is no free trial of the premium version, but there is an entirely free plan with the basic installation. In addition to the money back guarantee, with a grace period of seven days, the company’s policies can be described as generous. The free service is of course, very limited, and yet it is very educational for users who have never used such a software program before.


ProXPN accepts payment through PayPal, Google Checkout, and almost every major credit card. The company works with dynamic IPs, which are created IPs, instead of dedicated; this may be an issue for some users who are looking forward to a dedicated IP option. It is recommended that new users try the free version first and learn how the system works, before deciding to upgrade to the premium plan, which has all the special features that experienced users will need. ProXPN’s friendly policies (unlimited bandwidth and free switches) cannot be taken lightly. For the price, it is definitely worth a consideration. All in all, this is a growing company and one that could eventually take on more servers and become more popular among VPN providers. The company has also stated in the near future, all OS’s and browsers will be compatible with their service.

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proXPN Customer Reviews (2)

On January 27, 2012 Michael wrote:
Price 55555
Support 55555
Speed 55555
Reliability 44444

I used before for 7 months their free account. Now I have and premium and i am glad I found proXPN. Their server in usa working well. Cheers from Germany and I recommend the proXPN.

On June 19, 2012 somebody wrote:
Price 55555
Support 55555
Speed 44444
Reliability 44444

I’m using the free versiom from Canada. Easy install and use. Version 2.5 was being filtered by Netflix and blocked (had an ip address out of Miami). I reverted back to a previous version and it runs reliably as an anomymous ip address. Speed of 2.5 noticibly slower than the previous installs. Pleased with previous version, not so with 2.5 Free.

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