The Legality of an Virtual Private Network Service

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Are you wondering about the legality of VPN services? With good reason you are, as some of the companies out there make this software seem illegal! However, in most cases, there is no reason to fear. First, understand that in no way is VPN software illegal to own or to buy. (Otherwise, you wouldn’t see it openly advertised online!)

Is VPN Legal?

In fact, very few software applications are illegal. File sharing programs and torrent programs are not illegal; the process of collecting pirates films and music tracks IS illegal. Of course, some people do buy VPN services with the intention of committing illegal acts, and this is not allowed. This is a violation of the terms of agreement and will lead to the suspension of an account and possibly even an investigation by local authorities.

Illegal Usage and VPN

That said, most of the reasons that VPN services are used are not for illegal activities or processes. On the contrary, people use VPN software for secure and anonymous Internet surfing. This means that they can make payments securely, protect private information, databases and even seal other important records. VPN also allows users to surf the Internet anonymously so that websites and Internet Service Providers cannot store log information on the user’s habits, nor any other personal identifiers. Recently, there was a major scandal with Facebook stealing supposedly secure information from its users for marketing purposes. Companies may also send spyware applications and viruses to other users. Such problems would not be possible with a secure connection, thanks to VPN services.

Watching Entertainment and News Show Everywhere

VPN software can also be used to access TV shows and movies that are unable to be screened in a location because of region or country. Watching streaming movies online is not an illegal act, but it may be banned by some ISP providers or local networks. Some VPN companies actually do allow torrent file downloading and P2P sharing, and they assure users that they will not log account activity. (Others make no such assurance and threaten to log downloading activity) So it’s best to carefully research the company of your choice if you do plan to watch TV and movies online. Remember, the act of P2P downloading and torrent downloading is not illegal; only stealing is against the law.

Why not start looking for VPN services? It’s time to embrace online freedom…

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