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Wouldn’t it be great if you could surf online without ever giving a thought to viruses and malware? Does that sound like a fantasy that will never happen? Well, it isn’t a fantasy anymore. When you use IPVanish VPN services, you get the freedom to go anywhere you want on the web and never again worry about hackers, malware, or privacy breaches.

ipvanish giveaway

Those who know the internet, know about the great protection that IPVanish provides to its users. All you have to do is launch IPVanish VPN every time you log onto the internet and IPVanish will encrypt ALL of your traffic and data while you surf, email, download, etc. If you haven’t already tried IPVanish, now is the perfect time as they’re giving out premium VPN accounts to 3 lucky winners. All 3 winners will get free 1 month premium VPN account at no charge.

IPVanish has built a reputation for stopping viruses, malware, and snooping internet users before they cause you any problems. And not only do they sniff out all threats, but they do so on superfast servers that never slow your downloads or uploads.

Is This for Me?
Absolutely. Today, everyone uses the internet to process personal and sensitive information. Online shopping, banking, and even sending personal emails can put your information at risk if you do not have the proper protection. Hackers, malware, and snooping governments and ISPs are all trying to get and analyze your information to sell to third parties, shape your internet speeds (in the case of ISP), etc. If you want to stop them in their tracks, the VPN services from IPVanish will do exactly that.

Once you are surfing on a IPVanish VPN, you never again need to worry about your info being intercepted by a third party. Your internet connection will be totally encrypted, and you can visit any site and download anything without a concern in your head.

How Do I Enter?
It only takes a second. Follow these instructions, and you will be part of our giveaway:

  1. Add a comment to this page. Leave the reason why you want an IPVanish VPN account.
  2. Visit the Facebook page and click the Like button.
  3. Go to the IPVanish Facebook page and like it.

This giveaway will end on March 31st.
Hope you win!

The winners are:

  1. Samuel Bétrisey
  2. Linda_C
  3. uda

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Comments (3)

March 25, 2013

I hope to win this giveaway and finally have no restrictions to access my favorite websites with online movies.

Samuel Bétrisey
March 25, 2013

I want to use services restricted in my country and naviguate safely on hotspots. Thank’s

March 28, 2013

I would like to have a secure internet connection when I travel. I would also like to access country-specific services (BBC, etc.)

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